Updated September 17, 2006

International Competitions

Sept. 14-16, 2007Sydney, AustraliaVeterans World Championships
Feb. 10-11, 2007Florence, Italy4th event of Winter Veterans Circuit

TEL & FAX +39 0541 782371 [email protected] -www.amismasterscherma.it

4th Round National Veterans Fencing Circuit 2006-07
6 Weapons individual
FIRENZE -Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 february 2007

Fencing Hall “Il Barco”, Via Corelli n. 19 (“Novoli” area) -FIRENZE.

Saturday 10 february 2007

SPMcat. IEntry confirmation and fees payment 08h30-09h00Start 09h30
SPMcat. 0Entry confirmation and fees payment 10h00-10h30Start 11h00
SPFall categoriesEntry confirmation and fees payment 11h30-12h00Start 12h30
SPMcat. II and cat. IIIEntry confirmation and fees payment 14h00-14h30Start 15h00
FMall categoriesEntry confirmation and fees payment 08h30-09h00Start 09h30
SCFall categoriesEntry confirmation and fees payment 09h30-10h00Start 10h30
SCMall categoriesEntry confirmation and fees payment 13h30-14h00Start 14h30
FFall categoriesEntry confirmation and fees payment 13h30-14h00Start 14h30

SCM: men’s sabre SPF: women’s epée FM: men’s foil
SPM: men’s epée FF: women’s foil SCF: women’s sabre
All the Veterans fencers who are born before 1/1/1978 are admitted:
cat. 0 (30-39 years old), cat. I (40-49 years old), cat. II (50-59 years old), cat. III (60+ years old).
The fencers enrolled to a foreign fencing Federation are admitted.
ENTRY The fencing clubs shall send the entries, modifications and cancellations, to the Federazione Italiana Scherma ONLY by FAX (no. +39 06 36858139 alla c.a. di ENRICO BIONDI) or by E-MAIL ([email protected]until 12h00 of THURSDAY 08 February 2007. At the competition venue, until half an hour before the start of the competition, either the entry shall be confirmed or cancelled, and the relevant entry fee shall be paid. ENTRY FEES Euro 20,00 Euro 10,00 AMIS members 50% For the second and third weapon It will be possible to enroll as an AMIS member at the competition venue (Euro 25,00 yearly). COMPETITION FORMULA
The formula will be decided by the Tournament Direction according to the FIS and AMIS 2006-07 rules.
FOR WHAT IS NOT MENTIONED THE FIE, FIS and AMIS RULES ARE VALID ORGANIZERS Circolo Scherma Firenze “R. Raggetti” Via Corelli n. 19 -50127 FIRENZE Tel. and Fax +39 055 410976 -E-mail [email protected] Additional reference: Antonio Vannucci, tel. e fax +39 055 496696. HOTEL RESERVATIONS


Via Tevere, 23 -50019 SESTO FIORENTINO Tel. +39 055 308338 -Fax +39 055 308336 -E-mail [email protected] Single room Euro 98,00 Double room Euro 98,00 Triple room Euro 133,00


Viale Guidoni, 87 -50127 FIRENZE Tel. +39 055 4378951 Single room Euro 99,00 Double room Euro 125,00 VIVAHOTEL FLEMING *** Viale Guidoni, 87 -50127 FIRENZE Tel. +39 055 4376773 -Fax +39 055 435894 -E-mail [email protected] Fees for a room, breakfast included: Single room Euro 75,00 Double room Euro 80,00 Triple room Euro 113,00


Via Volturno, 50 -OSMANNORO -Firenze Tel. +39 055 34511 -Fax +39 055 3024894 -E-mail [email protected] Double room Euro 78,00 Additional charge for breakfast Euro 8,00 per person.


Via Lippi e Macia, 22 -50127 FIRENZE Tel. +39 055 431771 -Fax +39 055 4221557 -E-mail [email protected] Fees for a room, breakfast included: Single room Euro 45,00 Double room Euro 60,00 Triple room Euro 75,00 N.B. Specify “participation to a fencing competition” (Mr. Daniele). LOGISTIC INFORMATION
The fencing Hall “Il Barco” is located in the “Novoli” area, in via Corelli no. 19 -FIRENZE.
-For those who arrive, by car, from the Motorway, the exit Firenze Nord is preferred, Then follow the signs toward via Francesco Baracca, Follow it direction center – viali di Circonvallazione (ring avenues) Take at the right via Corelli, small road right after the public gardens, in face of the Agip service station

-For those who arrive, always by car, from other parts of the town, follow the viali di circonvallazione (ring avenues) until you enter viale Redi toward the Firenze Nord toll booth (motorways A1 / A11), Follow viale Redi until you enter, having passed a small bridge and a roundabout (straight), via di Novoli, continue straight along via di Novoli, After having passed another small roundabout, at the next one make a complete turnabout to take via di Novoli in the opposite way, Enter via Tagliaferri (first road at right), Continue straight up to the light, and after it, you have to turn to the left in via Francesco Baracca, and immediately to the right you find via Corelli.