Updated September 17, 2006

Mission Statement

Mission. To promote continued competitive and recreational fencing for American fencers over 40, fostering interest in the sport for them, and actively pursuing both domestic and international competition.  The committee shall act as a liason between veteran fencers and the board of directors of the USFA. It shall advise the Board of areas of concern to the veteran community and shall make recommendations for action when appropriate.Vision. To develop fencing as a highly regarded and accessible sport for people over 40 in the United States, and to cultivate top-ranked competitors among them, both nationally and internationally.Purpose. Through regular events, online and offline communication, clubs, and meetings, the veterans fencing movement provides fencers over 40 support, training, information, and a forum dedicated to promoting fencing as an engaging and dynamic recreational and competitive sport.Authority. The Veterans Committee is responsible for reporting officially to the board of directors of the USFA. The board, upon recommendation of the president of the USFA, will determine the size of the Veterans Committee. The president will appoint all members and designate a chair, subject to approval of the board.